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Referral Program Terms and Conditions

referral program terms and conditions for the referrer
As part of VITTORIO RICCI Referral Program, the advocate (“You”) who is an existing Vittorio Ricci customer, may share a $20 off online coupon code (“Referral Code”) with one or more friends using the link contained on the friend offer landing page.

You will receive a $20 off online coupon code (the “Reward Code”) via email 15 days after each referred person successfully completes a purchase at the Vittorio Ricci online store
The Reward Code is valid on any Vittorio Ricci purchase and expires 30 days from time of issue. It is for one-time use only. You will receive only 1 Reward Code per friend introduced, regardless of the number of purchases that this friend subsequently makes. To receive multiple Reward Codes, you must introduce multiple friends.
Only 1 reward code may be used on any purchase. The Referred Customer and the Referrer cannot be the same person. The Referred Customer must have a different email address, along with different billing and shipping information from the Referrer.
for the referred customer
The referred person (“Referred Customer”) must make a purchase within 30 days of issue using the Referral Code at the Vittorio Ricci Online Store It is for one-time use only.
for the referrer and referred customer
The Referred Customer and You cannot be the same person. The Referred Customer must have a different email address, along with different billing and shipping information from You.

Any abuse of this offer (including but not limited to, placing and/or promoting Referral Codes and Reward Codes on coupon sites or other websites created to take advantage of referral traffic generated from individuals searching for coupons or other discount codes), as determined by Vittorio Ricci in its sole discretion, may result in the rescission of Your and the Referred Customer’s promo code as well as both parties’ inability to participate in this or future promotions.

Eligibility is limited to individuals only in Vittorio Ricci Referral Program cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation as determined in Vittorio Ricci sole discretion. (Corporations are not people!)
You must comply with all up-to-date “SPAM” laws. For example, emails must be created and distributed in a personal manner and bulk email distribution is strongly discouraged. Any distribution of your referral link that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or "spam" under any applicable law or regulation is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of your account and exclusion from Vittorio Ricci Referral Program.
right to close accounts
Vittorio Ricci reserves the right to close the account(s) of You and/or any Referred Customer if You and/or the Referred Customer attempts to use the Vittorio Ricci Referral Program in a questionable manner or breach any of these Terms & Conditions or is in violation of any law, statute or governmental regulation.

right to change terms
This Referral Program is subject to modification or termination at any time without notice in our sole discretion.