Placing an Order

What methods of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal. We can only accept one form of payment per order.

Will I be charged sales tax?
Sales tax will apply to orders shipped to New York State addresses only.

What if I need to change my order?
Because we do not store credit card information, we cannot process changes after an order is placed. However, if you wish to remove an item and it has been less than 30 minutes since your order was placed, you can contact and we will attempt to remove the item before it is processed. If you wish to add additional items, please place a new order. Free standard shipping applies to all orders.

What if I need to cancel my order?
Please contact to request a cancellation. We will do our best to cancel the order but cannot guarantee it due to system automation. If the 30-minute cancellation window has been exceeded, we will try to issue you a cancellation prior to shipping. However, due again to system automation, we reserve the right to ship to your original order address, however, you will be able to return your order for a full credit once it’s received, inspected and approved at our warehouse. If approved per the terms stated in the returns paragraph, a full refund will be issued. Pre-Orders may be canceled anytime prior to delivery. However, if delivered due to system automation, you may return your order the same way you return an in-stock purchase and proper credits will be issued as per our returns policies.

Why am I charged before my order has shipped?
Our processing center has a short payment processing window. Pre-orders are processed as special orders. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience to our customers, we process payments right when an order is placed to avoid missing the delivery window and having to contact customers to resubmit their orders.

How do I check my order status?
For the most up to date information on your order and to track the shipping of your order, you can create an account at checkout and log in to your account to check your status whenever you wish. If you placed an order without creating an account, you can contact us at and we’ll gladly email your order status or better, just hang out until your order arrives at our warehouse, is automatically processed, inspected for perfection, wrapped, shipped, maybe air-kissed and shipped while an email arrives in your inbox with a tracking number and instructions on how to track your package.

Pre-Order Savings, Payments, Cancellation Policy and Shipping Information

You can help re-launch Vittorio Ricci and Pre-Ordering your boots and being first in line for deliveries.

When will my Credit Card or other payment be charged?
Pre-Orders are charged at the time the Pre-Order is placed.

Pre-Orders may be canceled any time prior to shipment by sending an email request to

Please allow 2-7 business days for your credit to be issued and applied to your account by your card provider. We will send an email confirmation of the cancellation.

When will my Pre-Orders ship?
Pre-Orders will be shipped by or before the end of October.


Does Vittorio Ricci ship everywhere?
Well, everywhere in the USA. We provide free shipping to all 50 US states.

Does Vittorio Ricci ship internationally?
Currently, we ship within the United States only, though we are excited about adding international shipping in the near future. To stay up-to-date on Vittorio Ricci news and any changes in our shipping policy, please subscribe to our email newsletter. 

How much does shipping cost?
We offer free standard ground shipping to all 50 U.S. States. Please allow 3-5 business days for all ground shipping.

When will I receive my order?
Vittorio Ricci ships via USPS and UPS. Tracking information for each order will be included in your Shipping Confirmation email when your product order is available from our warehouse. Free Shipping is available for Standard shipping services only. You may choose to upgrade your delivery service at your expense. Rates on upgraded shipping options are shown in your shopping cart checkout. Rates are dependent on your ship-to location. Please note that Free Shipping and Returns are limited to one size only per style/color. Additional sizes are shipped and/or returned at the customer’s expense.

Please also note, Preorder items will only ship once they become available. Occasionally, we split orders into multiple shipments. If this occurs, you’ll be notified and receive a tracking number for each shipment. The expected ship date for your order is noted at Checkout and in your Order Confirmation.

What if I need to change my shipping address?
Contact and we will do our best to process your address change request if it is within 30 minutes of placing your order. Vittorio Ricci Help Desk ( is open Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm EST.

Fit and Sizing

What size should I order?
Vittorio Ricci footwear generally runs true to size. We recommend that you order the size you most often wear in flats. 

Why are Vittorio Ricci’s Goodyear Welt constructions great for your feet and your health?
Vittorio Ricci boots are hand crafted using a time honored ¾ Goodyear welt construction from toe to heel. Close your eyes and maybe you can envision artisan craftsman hammering wood pegs under the arch giving pre-soaked leather outsoles the unique sculpted look and feel of enduring quality and support. We deliver support like you’ve never felt it. Our arch supports are re-enforced with iron shanks on top of which a layer of genuine cork plus a full 4mm of high-rebound shock absorbing foam is added to insure years of enduring comfort and wearability. To say our boots, properly cared for and worn, should last more than 10 years is not an exaggeration.

Do Vittorio Ricci boots fit wide feet?
The answer depends on how wide your foot is. Our boots are generally roomy over the girth for maximum comfort. However, if your foot is wider than a "B" Medium Width, we recommend you consider ordering a half size larger. Please know that shoes do not grow or shrink in length no matter how narrow or wide your feet.

Do Vittorio Ricci fit narrow feet?
Narrow feet can generally be accommodated by wearing heavier socks. If your feet are a "B" (Medium) or "A" (Narrow), our boots should run true to size. If you are a size 7, than order a size 7. But do not make the mistake of ordering a smaller size to accommodate narrower feet. Please know that shoes do not grow or shrink in length no matter how narrow or wide your feet.

I have a high instep. Will Vittorio Ricci boots, especially pull-on boots, be hard to get on/off and break in?
Pull on boots, especially of the western variety, might take a little time to break in. This is very normal. One little trick we’ve learned over the years is you can get them on and take them off far easier if you line your foot up very straight with the center line of the boot and when your foot gets to the instep, the push on or tug off point, you should just tap tap tap the instep of the boot with your open hand to relieve the tension. The boot will then slide on and off far more easily. Also please note that it takes a lot more pull or tug to get on a boot without socks, especially on the instep. Skin is way stickier than cotton or wood socks on leather lining. A thin cotton sock will do wonders for you in easing your entry and exit from your new all leather boots.

Do Vittorio Riccis Stretch?
Vittorio Ricci’s, like any leather upper/leather lined boots, can be stretched over the instep and under the ball and around the girth of the foot section by a professional shoe repair specialist in your area. However, we caution you not expect boots or shoes to be able to "stretch" lengthwise. If a shoe seller tells you their shoes can stretch lengthwise then we suggest you walk away. You’re longest and smallest toes will thank you.

Do you plan to add smaller and larger sizes?
Yes. We are working on expanding our size selection and hope to accommodate more happy Vittorio Ricci customers very soon. To stay updated on sizing announcements and other exciting Vittorio Ricci news, you can subscribe to our email newsletter in the footer of our website.

Promotions + Special Pricing

Does Vittorio Ricci have special promotions?
You can subscribe to our email newsletter in the footer of our website to get alerts about new arrivals and the occasional surprise sample sale.

Returns + Exchanges

What is the Vittorio Ricci Cancellation Policy?
Valid Orders may be cancelled anytime prior to shipment from our warehouse. Upon receipt of cancellation, we will send you a Cancellation Confirmation by email for your records. Once you receive our notice that your order has been shipped, please follow the Returns policy seen immediately below.

What is the Vittorio Ricci Return Policy?
Unworn footwear may be returned within 14 days of your receipt IF the footwear and all packaging materials are returned in brand new condition. Any scuff marks or even creases behind the toe box area are considered not returnable. We emphasize that we are pleased to offer free return shipping and full refunds on all timely returns of unworn merchandise. Worn, scuffed, marked or creased shoes or soles cannot be returned (we encourage you to test drive your Vittorio Ricci on a carpeted surface without too much flexing at your ball area, to avoid any creases when trying them on. If worn, scuffed, marked or creased shoes or marked soles are returned, we will not be able to issue a refund and you will be liable for the cost of the return shipping label plus the cost of returning the footwear to you. Additionally, gift items such as Vittorio Ricci Gift Cards and gifts with purchase are not returnable, along with any promotional and final sale items.

How can I exchange my order once received?
Please follow the return order process above and place a new order.

Can I change my order to a different style prior to shipping?
Yes. However, our system requires that Returns, “Exchanges” and “Changed Orders” all be handled as separate transactions. If you wish to change a previous order, please first cancel your original order (assuming it’s not yet in transit) and then place a new order for your desired choice.

How can I return an order that was a gift?
Contact and we will be happy to process your return in exchange for store credit. Please include the original order number, shoes you are returning, reason for return, and shipping address.

About the Company

What’s in the name Vittorio Ricci?
With 42 years of passion and dedication to footwear design and production, Vittorio Ricci took his vision and experience learning under the finest shoemakers in the world into 12 countries. Working in small award winning family owned Italian factories, making shoes at the highest levels of excellence, Vittorio is a voracious student of the art and science of shoemaking. He has credited and honored his mentors by passing on their passion to no less than 10 current design stars in the $75 billion footwear industry. He always says his legacy lives on in the vision and work of his amazing associates. With this re-launch of his namesake collection, his passion is revived to continue what he started.

Where do I direct press or marketing inquiries?
Email and we will be happy to assist you.

Is Vittorio Ricci sold in any brick and mortar stores?
Although some day we may yet again have a super chic flagship store in an infinitely cool setting, as we did on Madison Avenue & 60th St in New York City in the ‘80’s. Vittorio Ricci shoes and boots are currently sold online only. The good news is we’ve returned to our original roots, creating and producing uncompromising quality and leadership style in his product inspirations. With this website, Vittorio Ricci is, once again, bringing his talent and passion directly to his consumers.

Does Vittorio Ricci do pop-up shops and events?
Yes, we love meeting our customers in person and try to hold events as often as we can. Email us at and please write “Event Inquiry” in the subject line.

About the Shoes

What are Vittorio Ricci shoes made of?
An abundance of LOVE, PASSION for QUALITY and leather, leather, leather of all types sourced from the finest skins from around the world using Italy’s finest tanneries. Lycra stretch shafts or partial shafts are sometimes added for tight to the leg fashion and stylish fit features. Our Lycra stretch also comes from Italy. Our uppers, upper lining, sock lining, welts, outsoles and heels are all leather, one of the most recyclable materials known to mankind.

What is Vittorio Ricci’s position on sustainability?
We are totally committed to making our footwear using the most reliable sustainable materials already coming from the earth to return to the earth. We see our cycle as temporarily borrowing earth friendly materials to make our products, which after-use, will break down to re-enter the earth’s natural ecology.

Where are Vittorio Ricci shoes made?
We are New York Designers. Hand made construction come to life in our own dedicated manufacturing facility in Spain, Portugal and Mexico. We are proud to employ artisans, engineers and materials specialists and to offer superior working conditions, fair wages and an inspirational workplace to all team members, here in the U.S. and abroad.

How do I care for my Vittorio Ricci boots?
Our shoes are durably constructed to last many years. Good leather will generally improve over the years if we care for it as we care for our own skin. Meltonian and Properts leather care products are highly recommended. We use them in our finishing rooms as they are known world-wide as a benchmark for shoe-care products in the industry. If cold and damp weather is normal in your area, treat your leather products as you would your skin. You're boots need cleaning and moisturizing. After wearing, clean your boots as recommended above and let your boots into the open light and air. Light, especially natural light is a natural way to reduce the effects of bacteria and mold on leather boots. Keeping them forever dark in a musty closet is a sure-fire way to reduce their life-cycle. In summary, give them longer life with skincare products and lots of natural light and air wherever possible. Boot trees are also recommended for boots of Vittorio Ricci quality.

What if I get my Vittorio Ricci wet?
We’ve had a simple solution to rain soaked leather shoes and boots ever since I was a kid. The best solution is to stuff boots with crunched up newspaper and let them dry naturally. Do not put boots to near a radiator or room heater. Dry leather will crack over time if not properly moisturized.

That's it. Enjoy your Vittorio Ricci Boots!